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Saturday, March 24, 2007

aviation part one

The future of aviation remains a part of the great unknown. So much to be said on this subject! SO I will address it a peice at a time as I blog through the great unknown. Expect to be seeing quite a few posts from me on this subject. Once a great aspiration, now an impossible pain in the (ahem) if you are planning it as a career. If the general public knew what those of us who have the love for it know, mmm- mmm. When speaking to the non-aviation savvy individual, the shock and dismay is pathetically evident when the truth is revealed. Ahh. you ask, of what doest though speak? Well, let me start with this, certainly not an all inclusive list of aviation related subjects, but an idea of what is to come. I plan to blog my way through the very start of the dream all the way through choosing a flight school, ratings, checkrides, building time, the dream job, TSA, Homeland security, (I even plan to do a blog on Flight attending, because if you've never done it, you should know what you are getting into ahead of time!) and the end result. This will be far from boring my friends and I plan to make certain people are paying attention, because no one is protecting your dreams! Unfortunately, you must find a path through this jungle of the unknown and pop out the other side without getting a really bad taste in your mouth, if not a complete loss of your dream! So here I am. Why? Because everyone out there that is knee deep in this business doesn't want you to know the truth- they want to sell you something. I left aviation, because of the corruption. Rubbing elbows with this crowd can get really nasty when you are a caring person, and now I choose to help others avoid the pitfalls. Perhaps one day, I will be doing what I REALLY want to do, and that is writing a column of flight school critiques. Yup, I wanna go out there and sneak around and check out whats what in every city and airport personally, and report it to you. Fair and square. But for now- I won't be naming names, only telling you like it is and letting you do the ferreting for yourself. Hopefully you will know what to look for and what questions to ask- and what gimmicks to avoid. Tomorrow- I'll write about the initial love for and dream to acheive "taking flight"

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Oh man, this one's gonna be interesting... ::Grabs some popcorn and sits back::