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Sunday, March 25, 2007

Aviation part 2- The dream of taking flight

As promised, part two! However, part two is going to have several parts of it's own.
I hope this blog is really going to help people sort through the initial confusion of "where do I want to go with my dream?"
There are several directions a person can go with that "need to get into the air dream." If it's a career move, first let me say this, if you don't have a burning desire for this, or at least a career motivational reason to embark upon this endeavor- then don't! Seriously consider your reasons for wanting this before starting. As for the career motivational purpose, let me give some examples, I once signed up a student for flight instruction because she worked for a very large helicopter company as a engineer, and she wanted to have a better understanding of the actual flying experience, this is a great reason, and as far as I know she has no intention of switching careers, or getting multiple ratings. She just felt it would further her in her current occupation & broaden her perspective. Another example- planning to apply to the Air Force Academy? If so, it's good to get that first rating done while you are acquiring your college degree, it looks good when you are ready to apply to the Academy. Furthermore, I am not talking about, the, "I wanna fly because it will be a great job" motivation, I'm talking about, you seriously have the love for aviation so deeply rooted in you that it would be like cutting away a peice of your body if you didn't follow your desire to do this. In which case, for Gods sake, get started! If you are thinking this will be a great career move and you will make great money, re-think that. I'm about to burst your bubble. Keep watching this Blog develop and you will get all the info you need to make a solid decision. Nothing irritates me more than whining bored pilots in commercial aviation. They got in for the wrong reasons and now want to whine about it. SO I hope to save many a flight crew member from listening to that pissing and moaning while waiting for the hotel shuttle, and spare you from hearing shut the _ _ _ _ up! from exasperated crew members who worked hard and long to get where they are.
This is going to have several categories, I'll give you my opinion on them, and then let you ask yourself what your motivation is. You need to determine how far and for what purpose you are interested in taking this journey.
More tomorrow!

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T-Bucket said...

A couple of those guys have already washed out of our training class. Good to see you're going to help them out before they get to the point of irritating those of us who want to be there!