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Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy flight students

This is what a happy student looks like!
Todays post is a little different than the norm. I wanted to share some happy aviation moments with you all, and include this picture of a post first solo, of a fabulous gal I signed up for her first flight lessons.
I am still following the progress of each student who I signed up for flight training before leaving my GM position at a local Flight School. They are still flying with the CFI's I had hired there, just at a different school. I am not paid to follow their successes, I receive nothing more than the joy of knowing that they are accomplishing their dreams. I would like to point out that this is the level of commitment and care that should always be present when working with people's dreams. The fact that the CFI took the pictures, celebrated that moment and then presented me an opportunity to share in that joy, shows the CFI's level of commitment and care as well. I received a phone call minutes after the completion of the flight from the student, second call after the one to her father. I am truly blesssed to have been entrusted with these students dreams and to be included in their celebration of successes. This is a demonstration of the students knowledge of how much I care! When the CFI sent me the pictures I started blubbering like an idiot, big fat happy tears and goosebumps,, let me tell you if that doesn't demonstrate not only my passion for each students dream, but the CFI's dedication to that same goal, I don't know what does. Myself and several others put together a celebration party we had this last weeekend not just for "first solo girl", but also for another student who completed her Private check ride (whose picture will not appear today as I have not asked her permission) and a CFI whom I had the distinct honor of having on my staff that just finished ground school with an airline and graduated top of his class. Of course no names will be used and I have painted out places where names would have been seen, aircraft #'s etc. for privacy purposes of course. I wish to point out that I no longer have any obligation towards these people- but have chosen to have them as life long friends and share in the celebration of their accomplishments, this is what should be at the heart of every schools management- without it- you are just another school with one interest- YOU! If you are asking why you should feel any different, and thinking that's what life is all about, then please- find a line of work where you are not entrusted with someone elses dreams. You are just one more of the corrupt who climbs to the top on the backs of others and the rubble of others broken dreams. The lowest of the low, who have helped to create the impossible and heartless environment in corporate America that keeps others oppressed. We are a country originally built on love, tolerance and a sense of community, where are those values now? They are rare, and when seen, should be cherished and nurtured. Finally- congratulations to all my friends whose dreams are coming to fruition, and thank you to the dedicated staff members with hearts of gold and an unfaltering love for teaching and caring for these students and their dreams.
Fly safe!

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T-Bucket said...

As the CFI mentioned in that post, (And the one who did most of that student's training). I second everything that Cher said! The good side of this whole system is still out there, you just have to find it!